Agents of Change: From Indonesia to the world. A coffee documentary

This year’s coffee documentary is titled Agents of Change: From Indonesia to the world. We are launching this to coincide with the release of our CATUR Collection 21/22 coffees.

In a lot of ways, this documentary picks up the story that we did in 2020 and followed our journey from last year’s harvest to this year’s journey across Indonesia and also our involvement in the World Barista Championship in Milan, Italy where we were ranked 7th in the world overall.

Our main goal remains the same: to help improve the Indonesian coffee industry. Only this time, we are taking our story to the bright lights of the World Barista Championship for the world to hear. True to our commitment to open source our methods, our farmer’s handbook can be accessed here:

We are immensely proud of the work that we did as a team in Indonesia. Through the volume of coffee that CATUR Collection does in 2021, we were able to work directly with 1,169 coffee farmer families across Indonesia. This is not to count the internal team members, outsourced vendors, customers, friends, baristas and roasters who also took part and play their role in being agents of change in their own way.

We hope you enjoy this documentary and are inspired to use your own platforms to be an agent of change in your community. – MJ

Director: Mikael Jasin
Executive Producer: Mikael Jasin
Producers: Mikael Jasin, Kenny Ang
Director of Photography: Jiki Prayuda
Co-producers: Lonika Tay, Umi Rachma